Finding good baby-changing facilities when and where you need them can make your day.  We are nearly done with nappies chez nous but those days as a nervous new mum trying to find a changer and keep the sh*t together, literally, will never leave me.  Then Junior came along to join Senior so juggling a potty-training toddler and a newborn added another few needs to the list.  Enough to have anyone in a lather!!

So, business proprietors of Ireland hear ye, hear ye – here’s my first cut at what makes the perfect baby-changing room:

  1. safe, clean baby-changing table – anti-bac wipes for the table are great
  2. large room big enough for a buggy and another child or two in tow
  3. wide door for buggy
  4. roll of paper table liners – not plastic
  5. strong hook for changing bag on or near changing-table
  6. a mobile over the baba’s head – ideally with music
  7. pedal bin for nappies
  8. liquid soap and basin, preferably right beside table – a lower junior sink is always appreciated
  9. anti-bacterial hand gel – child-safe
  10. spare nappies, wipes and nappy bags – in an ideal world
  11. toilet for other children and the adult – in the changing room
  12. paper hand towels – dryers can scare little people
  13. good ventilation – it can be messy work
  14. Wipe-o – the incredible nappy-changing Elf – wouldn’t that be nice?!

Do you have more to add to the list?  Please let me know in the comments below.

Please add your baby-changing finds, and family-friendly places to eat and play, to the Eat Play Change App and help some others out.  Thank you!

Happy nappies!



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