There’s loads to bring on any outing with kiddos but Covid-19 has definitely added a few essentials to ensure you have a safe, fun outing. This is written for summertime in July 2020. Let’s see where we’re at in winter.

What am I forgetting? Add them in comments below please 🙏🏻

  1. Antibacterial hand gel – lots of it
  2. Masks in case social distancing is difficult or for shops
  3. Antibacterial wipes
  4. Biodegradable wipes – for many uses!
  5. Sun hats
  6. Sun cream
  7. Sunglasses
  8. A change of clothes for each age category, including adults who may be in the firing line of a sick tummy
  9. Food – lots and lots – more than you’d ever think – range of carbs, fruit/veg, protein and good old-fashioned treats for bribery and enjoyment!
  10. Picnic plates, cutlery and kitchen paper
  11. Lots of water
  12. Small first aid kit
  13. Picnic blanket or camp chairs where relevant
  14. Portapotty and/or nappies – many toilets and changing rooms are temporarily closed
  15. Music, iPad, headphones, travel connect 4, etc.
  16. Scooters, bikes, helmets, buggies as relevant
  17. Wellies and rain gear
  18. Bio bin bags – for all kinds of everything
  19. Phone charge lead and/or battery/solar pack
  20. Hand towel – for drying a slide, bench, etc.
  21. Cash – even in contactless world, have a few bob
  22. Full tank of fuel and well-inflated tyres
  23. Kids
  24. EatPlayChange App, obvs!

What am I forgetting?