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Eat Play Change was created by me, Úna, a mum of two, following a particularly frazzled nappy explosion when No. 1 was just a few weeks old. I was in an unfamiliar town, wrestling with that familiar mustard-coloured “stuff”. As a nervous new mum, I didn’t know where to find a changing table, never mind the rest. We muddled through, of course, albeit with a minor dent to the confidence.

This was followed by a few more hairy outings, where the changing facilities or high-chairs were less than user-friendly. Even when two parents were on duty, we found it could be tricky to get the timing right for feeds, pit-stops and nappy changes if we were somewhere new, let alone planning a journey for a “holiday”. Many of us have learnt the hard way what it takes to get out-and-about; anything that can help really is precisely that – a help!

So, during one drowsy night-feed, it occurred to me that a handy App could pull all of this stuff together. The arrival of No. 2 delayed things somewhat, but I eventually got myself in gear during that maternity leave. Enter Michael – a charming and brilliant computer-science graduate. His skill, and months of perseverance, have been crucial; I’m eternally grateful.

With 2 tots in tow, the third element, “play”, came into play! Siblings rarely need the same thing at the same time – part of their charm… . A place where Senior can stretch his or her legs while Junior fills or empties his or her boots can be a little slice of heaven; even better with a little slice of cake!

So, enjoy the App. I hope it gives you confidence and useful information. Do please send us any feedback or ideas you have for it to eatplaychange2018@gmail.com

Finally, thank you to my 2 joys and their dad. Thank you to all my family and friends for the encouragement and, lastly, huge and heartfelt thanks to Michael.

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